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As enterprise systems evolve and continuously become a more important part of the operation, they will drive new business processes and require integration with other areas in the company.

Activetools provides Workflow and Collaboration Solutions for Credit and Risk Management.


Architect & Design Financial Systems
  Market changes can directly impact your ability operate and require changes in your infrastructure. To build a back-office Infrastructure that is flexible and resilient, requires expertise in several different technical areas.
Enterprise Integration
  Integrating Systems can be challenging. As systems get more sophisticated the level of communication required between systems can turn batch processes that were a good fit in the past into unacceptable solutions.

Offshore Product Development
  High level software architect and designers are difficult to find and keep. With a team of top notch developers, ActiveTools can explore the cost savings of Offshore development and keep highly specialized talent available to implement your next financial system.

Managed Infrastructure
  A critical part of any distributed application is the underlying infrastructure surrounding it. Performance Assessment, Security Audits and Real time Monitoring can consume your IT staff. ActiveTools can design systems that came from the ground up with management components that can he managed and monitored remotely or hosted in our Data Center.


Distribution Modeling
  Data Distiller™ is a tool designed to analyze large collections of data and apply statistical models to "rank" the items based on the likelihood of presenting a predefined feature or belong to a set. It can be delivered as a network appliance or as a web service.

The New Basel Accord introduces many new concepts concerning the estimation of Credit and Operational Risk. In order to calculate minimal capital requirements, Banks will have to implement significant changes in their internal Processes and Systems.

  Firms of all sizes have benefited greatly from eCRM. By controlling the communication with your customers your company can leverage the relationship by creating more compelling offers.





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