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How It Works

ActiveTools eMarketing is based on a series of "Wizards" that walk you through the "how-tos" of direct marketing. These features include:

- Text or HTML e-mail creation capabilities
- Customizable opt-in registration and segmentation tools
- Quality control tools, including interdepartmental collaboration on offer creation
- Real time campaign tracking results
- Built-in, permission-based, customer opt-in/opt-out capabilities
- Private Labeling

ActiveTools solution is flexible, scalable, precise, cost effective and affordable. Integration of the system into your company's marketing strategy is as simple as a click away.

ActiveTools has developed a one-of-a-kind, user-friendly online marketing application that empowers you to:

- Create and manage targeted e-mail campaigns
- Track response results in real time
- Segment and profile your opt-in email lists
- Build your database
- Opt-in register customers and prospects
- Improve marketing effectiveness and reduce costs
- Build a valuable opt-in response database

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