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Distribution Modeling

Distribution Modeling Tool


ActiveTools provides analytical tools that looks at all of your data, allowing you to find patterns of behavior that might otherwise remain hidden.

It doesn't make any assumptions. It won't force you to, either. It lets the data do the talking. No matter how many variables you want to throw at the problems.

Our tools allow you to score your files by any behavior or set of behaviors that you can measure. Some application areas include:

Credit Risk Probability scoring
Survey Result Projection
Customer Lapse Probability Scoring
Default Recovery Probability Scoring
Acquisition Direct Mail Targeting

Our tool Individually "scores" data using the Internet for speed and control.
The "score" is the probability of an item for exhibiting a specific characteristic (can include such things as credit risk, purchase intent, or satisfaction level).

The "scoring" can be based on the historical data provided by a set of cases that represent items where an attribute is true.

Our tool receives your input, builds a custom model using our proprietary technology and, in minutes, produces the results. It can be integrated with any application local or remote.

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