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While our process follows a typical 4 stage approach, we have adapted each step in order to handle the unique issues that arise in enterprise integration implementations, including:

  • Designing user interfaces that are intuitive, adhere to standards of usability, and achieve optimum utility.
  • Developing a solid enterprise architecture.
  • Implementing the architecture with standard protocols, specifications, languages, tools, and best-of-breed products.
  • Connecting effectively with existing systems to leverage investments organizations have already made.
  • Designing and building reusable functionality.
Our delivery process follows a rigorous, milestone-based project approach and disciplined engineering process honed during two decades of successful software development. Our evolved process has been the foundation of our solid delivery results where last year, for example, we delivered projects with an average customer satisfaction rating of over 95%.

Our Development Process

ActiveTools employs a four-phase development process to provide a framework for success: Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Each phase can be adapted to the unique needs and requirements of an individual project. Each phase also builds upon the deliverables of the previous phase. Our methodology represents a consistent and reliable approach to minimize any associated risks and to effectively deliver the project to meet your business objectives.


The primary goal of the Define phase is to thoroughly detail the requirements for your solution. We examine your business objectives, user needs and both technical and business constraints. An important aspect of this is gaining a thorough understanding of your current systems and processes so that they can be effectively leveraged in the final solution. We then work with already defined requirements and specifications to properly represent user demands. We employ a constraints-based methodology to narrow requirements to fit budget, time, and other constraints of the business. The end result of this phase is a conceptual model of the solution that defines the high-level technical modules and user interactions.

ActiveTools will work with you to understand your business and define a common vision for your project. Together, we will identify critical information necessary for the successful deployment of your solution.


During the Design phase, our teams will evolve the key elements of the conceptual model to create a design that integrates the interface, core architecture, and database layer. We develop detailed workflow and technical recommendations, which include a confirmation of our product selection and a definition of our custom developed modules. Our user-centred methodology helps diverse business and technical teams converge on a solution.

We lay the technical foundation with a well-defined enterprise architecture. This architecture will consist of an enterprise services layer that facilitates system-to-system communications and eliminates direct and inflexible coupling between enterprise systems. Through the process of abstraction, we decouple and model sub-systems or services that are prone to change or customization so that they can be more easily maintained independently without affecting other components.


We start the Develop phase by completing detailed specifications for interface, software development, and technical environments. These specifications are used as blueprints for the development team to produce project deliverables. Once the blueprints are completed, the team will move into coding and implementing the solution. We use standard methodologies, protocols, specifications, and languages for all development activities. We employ an iterative "build" approach to our development activity that breaks the work into distinct sub-projects each with detailed design, development, and quality assurance. Completing the process is a full end-to-end system test that helps ensure zero defects throughout.

You can count on a high level of communication between our project leads and your key stakeholders so that you always have a firm grasp on progress of development. When the system has been fully tested and reviewed by our quality assurance analysts, key stakeholders from your team will review the application and provide sign-off.


In the Deliver phase, the fully tested and approved application is sent to the production environment, and all software, hardware, training and documentation are delivered. While our technical team works to set-up your solution, our consultants and technical writers will be working with your teams to train them on the key functions. We do not consider our work complete until the solution is operating according to your requirements and specifications.

To know more about how ActiveTools can partner with you in your next software endeavor please send an email to or call 1-877-TRY-ACTIVETOOLS.







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