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Active Tools is in the business of helping clients design, implement and operate Financial Systems. We partner with clients to meet and master today's challenges: reduced development time, increased throughput velocity, faster product introduction and timely delivery to customers.


Architect & Design Financial Systems
  Market changes can directly impact your ability operate and require changes in your infrastructure. To build a back-office Infrastructure that is flexible and resilient, requires expertise in several different technical areas.
To leap to a higher level of competitiveness, you need a flexible, adaptable architectural framework that can scale to meet business requirements.
Enterprise Integration
  Integrating Systems can be challenging. As systems get more sophisticated the level of communication required between systems can turn batch processes that were a good fit in the past into unacceptable solutions. The foundation for any operation is a well integrated Back office. ActiveTools can create systems that will act like "interpreters for your systems". Translating requests from one system into instructions compatible with the system receiving it. Real time or in batch mode, our tools will provide translators capable of understanding any type of format including text feeds, binary files, xml files, etc.

Offshore Product Development
  High level software architect and designers are difficult to find and keep. With a team of top notch developers, ActiveTools can explore the cost savings of Offshore development and keep highly specialized talent available to implement your next financial system.

Managed Infrastructure

A critical part of any distributed application is the underlying infrastructure surrounding it. Performance Assessment, Security Audits and Real time Monitoring can consume your IT staff. ActiveTools can design systems that came from the ground up with management components that can he managed and monitored remotely or hosted in our Data Center.






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